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Last Update 8 months ago

You can also get additional information from your customers such as Name, Phone number or any other information. This feature will be significant when you use the ‘Free appointment’ feature where in you skip the checkout and payment process. 

1. Once you’ve created an appointment, scroll down on the appointment page to find the ‘Additional information fields’. Click on ‘Add custom fields

2. Upon clicking on ‘Add custom fields’, you can create fields to get customers’ details such as ‘Name, phone number, or email ID.

3. Get the customer’s response through the ‘Text box, Check box, Radio button, or Dropdown button’. Finally, click ‘Add’ to save the settings.

4. Now when customers book an appointment, the custom fields you created will be displayed. You can also make the custom field mandatory.

Similarly, you can create multiple custom fields on your Shopify store. 

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